Should I keep trying to win this girl over?

So to get a good view at my story I’ll tell you about me first, I’m 6 ft with a fit muscular body and have been offered to model. So basically I’m really good looking which has le me to sex with girls in the past which kind of makes me a player. Well 9 months ago I met this girl and we has been talking ever since, it wasn’t until January that I told her I want to get serious, this girl is different from all the rest, she is a virgin and doesn’t drink or party, my ideal girlfriend. Well we don’t really see each other often and I desperately try to see her because the only way we communicate is through text messages and I’m starting to wonder why should I keep trying if she won’t? She’s not the best looking girl out there but for once I’m attracted to her personality than her looks. So I just can’t comprehend why she doesn’t make an effort to see me. I told her if she keeps this up I’ll just have to break it with her, and she recognizes that she has been lacking in that area. I really like this girl I know there are many fish onthe sea and people say I’m way too good looking for her when they see us together. Does she like me or not? Today I surprised her at school for valentines day and she kissed me on sight. Why is it that she’s doing this in person but when we’re not together she acts like we’re in a sort of “talking relationship” but she never makes an effort to see me. I’ve seen her a total of 8 times in the past 4 months, but we text eachother day and night. I’m so used to playing girls, but is this karma biting me back so I’m the one getting played? May I remind you I’m extremely good looking, have been told a million times by women and their intentions toward me.

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I honestly don’t think that much of myself, but I’ve been told so many times that I’m good looking and it comes to a point where you just accept it. And I’m just explaining this to put you into my shoes.

Everyone says shes not that cute… Sadly I so think she’s really beautiful inside and out


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